( Frequently Asked Questions )


This section answers of the frequently asked questions.  We put the FAQ into several categories.
Please feel free to contact us, If you have more specific questions that are not answered on this section.

Legal Issues

1.Where does the wood come from?
The Palm Wood (coconut wood) comes from Sulawesi island
The Bengkirai Wood comes from Kalimantan island
The Merbau Wood comes from Papua island

2.Are the raw materials ecologically sustainable?
All our wood derives from sustainable plantations.
Processing to be raw timber in Surabaya,
We can provide certificates of origin if requested.

3.Are the wood illegal or legal logging?
All the timber are from legal logging,it can be seen on documents.


1.How to make an order?
Contact our marketing staff (see contact us) to discuss and confirm the detail of your order.
We will calculate your order and give you an offer according to your orders detail.
After all the details and the price are agreed,
you can pay a deposit (see price and payment) to start the manufacturing process.

2.How long is the production time?
The length of the production time depends on the building size,
material availability and your specifications.
But normally, it will take :

1-3 weeks for gazebos,doors,windows and cabinets.
1-3 months for house.

3.How do I keep track of my order’s progress?
We will informed you the progress of the work from time to time through e-mail.

4.How long will this house last?
The structures should last up to 30 - 40 years depending on the maintenance and location.

5.How to assemble?
Our package includes a manual of the procedures for assembly.
Also, the various portion of the home are coded to help with construction.

6.Can it be moved and rebuilt?
Absolutely yes, because the house is using knock-down system.

7.Can I give a design to Bali Wood Construction for price calculation?
Yes, just send us your design by email. Minimum requirements for costing: the design plan, section, and elevations with materials you wish to use.
Upon receiving your complete detailed plans, we will be happy to calculate a price for you.

8.If I don't have an idea for the design, can you help me?
Yes, we will help you with the concept, conceptual drawing and architectural layout. Down Payments are usually required for this process.

9.Can I rebuild the structure in my country?
1st. You have to check local building codes in your area and how they pertain to prefab structures.
2nd. You might ask for the assistance of a local contractor, they are usually very experienced with building codes and also can help with the assembly of your prefab structure.

3rd. We can also send a representative from our company to the project in your country.

Price and Payment

1.What about the price of your products?
Our products are custom made and pricing is always connected with the fluctuation of materials prices on the market,
then when you have decided to order our products please ask for a proposal from us immediately.
We will give you our best price according to the current pricing at that time.
You can also apply for conditions and relevant options regarding the product that you order.

2.What is the terms and conditions of the payment?
When the customer agreed to placing an order, a 50% deposit is required.
Balance of payment is made when the house is completed.
Click to more Terms & Conditions

3.What are the payment methods acceptable?
You can make the payment via electronic transfer to our bank account in Rupiah.
Payments in other currencies will be converted to Rupiah.
Electronic transfer process will take up to 7 days before your payment reaches our bank account.


1.What kinds of wood do you use?
We use local hard woods which is Grade A wood known for their strength and durability, such as :
Bengkirai and Merbau Wood
We use this wood because of its strength. It can be left outside for over 30 years with no deterioration.
Coconut Wood
We use this wood for the pillars because of its strength and it gives the impression of traditional ethnic.

2.Has the timber been dried before construction?
All wood with a thickness less than 6 cm has been kiln dried to prevent warping and splitting.
For timber more the 6 cm of thickness, we typically air dry the wood, but for certain application will also kiln dry as needed.

3.Are the woods Anti-Termite?
Absolutely yes. These types of woods (Merbau and Bengkirai) have been chosen for their natural anti-termite properties.
For Coconut Wood we need apply chemical anti termite.

4.How about shrinkage and expansion?
Like all natural woods bengkirai will expand and contract a little depending on the climatic conditions.
Merbau wood almost no expand and contract. This is normal and does not affect the overall stability and appearance of the structure.

5.How about maintenance?
Bengkirai and Merbau wood are very durable tropical hardwood and needs practically low maintenance.
The maintenance depends on which temperal zone the structure is located.
As a general guideline, we recommend using a standard wood treatment or similar every two to three years.

Delivery & Shipping

1.Do you have a problem when you sent the timber to another country before?
Sometime the wood will expand and shrink,because there is a different humidity between Bali with another country.
But don’t be worried about this problem because we have anticipated this problem with our system.

2.What about the shipping conditions of my order?
All our proposals are based on an ex factory condition.
It means that the shipping costs will be calculated separately, whether it will be organized by you or we can organize it for you.



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