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our_productBali Wood Construction is manufacturer all kind of wooden product. We are concern to create high quality product.

Our products made in diversity size and design based on costumer needs.

All of our product made from the finest kind of wood like Bengkirai, Coconut and Merbau wood, which known as strong and hard type among tropical wood. And we take also the great texture and combination in colour that will beautify the products. We use kiln-dried wood before processing and ideal for export as they can be easily taken down and reassembled.

Starting from choosing the materials, processing, constructing, finishing to packaging, we always set up a high standard of controlling to keep the best quality. For easily reassembled we will give you the CD instruction and detailed drawing.

Our products are : knock down house, bungalow, gazebo, roofing structure, doors, windows, flooring, fool decking etc.  



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   Bali Wood Construction present many kind of wooden doors and windows style : antique style, Balinese style, traditional style, simply and modern style Click for more

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