We are Bali Wood Construction (Doors division) present many kind of wooden doors and windows style : antique style, Balinese style, traditional style, simply and modern style with beautiful design.
Whatever your needs may be, we have a door that will add beauty and value to your home. You can choose from our collection.
Our work is guaranteed and installations can be scheduled for your needs.

Antique and Balinese Traditional style

Beautiful style  doors reflects the beauty and warmth of nature in your home. We have  many range product and every  piece is unique from original Balinese and Indonesia  design. It should be a reflection of your personality and an expression of your passion toward life.

We always  make new design every year and we also receive customer requirement.

Simply Modern style doors offering many design of popular sizes, models, and colors.

For our production we source only the best raw materials which  come from  official plantations, including teak, merbau, bangkirai and  also plywood.

Need a product recommendations or a quote for your project? We would be pleased to provide you with recommendations or quotations for your application, feel free to contact us.

Door Model

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