What is a wooden house : In a simple terms, a wooden house can be interpreted as a house building that uses the main material of wood ; construction, walls, decorations to accents, mostly made of wood.

But in the present, the construction of wooden houses is combined with other materials such as concrete, steel, glass, so that their appearance looks beautiful and luxurious.

It is very wrong if a wooden house connotes a country style house. With the right design, wooden houses can appear very artistic and modern.

The advantages of Wooden Houses :

  • Can be built in a variety of architectural styles.
  • Budget needs are more economical.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Strong and sturdy.
  • High aesthetic value and beautiful.
  • Unique look.

Disadvantages of Wooden Houses :

  • Wood Prices Are Relatively Expensive.
  • The Work Process Is Relatively Complicated.
  • Risk Against Fire.
  • Risks to Nature and Termites.

We are Bali Wood Construction  offer very well designed wooden house buildings made in a knockdown system.
Fabrication in our factory and rebuilt at your place. We can provide a design or design from you.

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